With our marble quarry outstretching through nearly 70 hectares, we offer a wide variety of native marbleprocessed to your exact requirements - from blocks, slabs to tiles. Always ready to assist you: be it with selection of products, securement of shipments or import of the desired items.


A truly precious gift of nature. The marble's distinctive pureness in coloration and crystallization grant Sparking White it's luminous properties, making it one of the most sought for marbles on the market.

Sparkling White


Though quite similar in appearance to SPARKLING WHITE, its characteristic white calcite veins, softly outstretched in parallel across the whole slab are anything, but mistakable.

White Calcite


Characterized by its crystalized white background layered through with soft linear veins. It is exactly the greyish veining which brings White Elegant its signature sophisticated appearance, making its application incredibly universal - be it for large scale projects or detailed hand work. 

White Elegant


With its signature emerald hue, crystal white surface and gentle translucency, Greenish White is an ideal choice when desiring to create a luxurious ambiance within any interior.

Greenish White


The avant garde of marble, encapsulating the dynamic energy of the land itself. It's unpredictable marking and veining spread across in ways only nature could have thought of, often creates breathtaking imageries, limited only by one's imagination. 

Sparkling Carrara


Bold & Vibrant - with it's complex webbing which could only nature could have created, Sparkling Calacatta's is ideal for those who truly wish to make a statement.

Sparkling Calacatta


Fierce, yet gentle. Crystalline and slightly translucent, Sparkling Galaxy is perfect for being backlit within any interior once processed into glistening slabs.

Sparkling Galaxy


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